Update on Halloween's Eve
11:01 AM | Author: Tarko
Date: October 30th, 12:01Am

Place: Alex's, Perth

Tel: Same old, same old (0449665615)

Lieu(x): Kalgoorlie, Bunbury and just Perth in general

Pers:Amanda(et cie), Jet (et cie) and just heaps of ppl through CS!

Etat d'ame: Yai! I'm saving lives!

Etat physique: Ouch, new piercings=pain

Bon coup: Working for the RedCross

Mauvais coup: Nothing!

FunnyFact: Im doing a job I love, saving lives on a daily basis... and I never made as much as I do

Coup de coeur: RedCross... sorry, easy but true

Travail: Take a guess ;-)


There it is, at last! An update!
I'm pretty sure by now everyone is calling their friend to tell them that Tarko is alive ;-) (If you aren't, you should). Fear not loyal friends, it is truly me, not some bloke who figured-out my password for my Blogger account.

As most of you would have worked-out by now: I'm working for the RedCross. I'm a team leader in the Perth\Wa branch of Cornocopia, the corp who does RC's fundraising (along others charities). My job consist of standing in the sun all day long and stop people to have a chat about the RedCross, which leads to a membership (small monthly donation). So I'm paid to be outside, tlak to (some) interesting ppl and save life!

I made the calculations the other day; a surgeon saves what? 3-4 lifes per day? On my best day I single-handledly raised 285*12*4=13680$ for the RC (almost half what the Gov give them each year by the way). If we go on worst case scenarion: 30$\Life, therefore: 456lifes, in ONE day! Yai! I love my job!

We all whant to change the world.... we all say it, rarely do it... here it is, MY way to do it... THE most effecient way for me to save life, to MAKE a difference in the world. It's not only talk, I'm walking the walk too now.

Within my first 3weeks I made it to the grade of team leader, one of the fastest achievment ever... you know me, you know how I am: silver tongued and smooth-talker: I'm just CUT-out for that job. I'm actually thinking about starting a branch of Cornocopia in Canada when I come back... I'll submit the idea at the next conference in Brisbane. Hopefully....

That's pretty much what have been happening lately!

I'm living with Alex at the moment, sharing a 4bedroom house in Atwell(Perth), where we spend our time fixing bicycle, cars and the house. Hopefully the car will be runing again and we'll be able to take the boat to the beach and have some sailing\barbie\esqui\diving during week-ends!

Life is rough, living 10min away from the beach when it's 34-37 outside ;-) Just close enough to have a dip and a barbie(bbq) after work before going back home.

Hope you enjoy your time guys, take it easy: life's too short.