Update 10/12/08
1:51 AM | Author: Tarko
From: Cornucopia office, Auckland. 300Richmond Rd

Tel: (+64) 0211027456

Places: Went back in Oz last week-end, Brisbane.

Ppl: All the team from Auck office and most Manager from Nz/Oz

Mood: Even

Wellbeing: I've been eating too much shit lately... urkk!

GoodOne: Stuck up with Cornucopia instead of leaving for India straight away

Oups: Overstaying my Visa in Oz

FunnyFact: Overstaying my Visa ;-)

Coup de coeur: My new way of noting the updates.

Work: Cornucopia(RedCross)

$:Far less than before: 1600$Nz; but there is heaps of money ppl own me (for a change)

As most of you know by now, I've over-stayed my australian visa, resulting in my 'extradition' to kiwi ground. Through contacts I made within the company, I went to Auckland work for my friend Naomi. Still team leader, I'm on the verge of going for a 3month road-trip throughout the north-part of Nz!! Just bough a car for this purpose in fact: Mitsubishi Libero 1996. For those of you who knows for a fact that I can't drive, that is why I have Jea with me, my personal driver.

This was a little run-down of my geographical-work situation... wich is totally NOT what this post is supposed to be about!

Procrastination; art of living -or- living art?

I'm tired of procrastinating. Yup, you read it right! Black on white (or white on black for that matter).


There is heaps of things in life we say "as soon as""right after this" and so on... especially in my case. No more.... starting on my birthday.

This is officially my last BIG procrastination, waiting for my birthday to incorporate my saying in my living. I give conselling, hints, help, advices. I say this and that, beliving it, but not really doing it, or at least only partially. Time for me to put my pants on and apply my belief to myself, my body and not restrain it to philosophical/ideological realm!

Withou further ado:

LIST OF THINGS!(I know, not very specific, is it? I'll fix it later)
I know I should have been for a couple of years now... but how could I have lived without eggs and dairy!? No more milkshake/ice-cream!! ARG!! But I have to do it, because this is what I belive in, I was just too lazy and in my own little confort to do it... NO MORE!
((This one can be waived under 2 circumstance: If I'm going to die and HAVE to -OR/AND- Under a social event; in mongolia, they eat horse meet and milk, I wont turn it down if it is the only thing someone offer me.))

1.5)Healthy nutrition
Easy step to achieve if #1 is. As long as I cut down on hot-chips (ou juste 'chips' pour nous en fait..).No more pops, only water and natural juice with minimum added suggar.

'nough said

I always belived in the Body/Mind/Soul trinity, yet I never did anything (short of a few weeks at the gym) of work on my body. I read alot and cultivate my ethic senses, but my body is a wreck. Once I day I will do exercisses, be it streching, yoga, martial art or whatever (havent picked wich one yet).

I'll have to kick myself, and ask for help -yours- with this one. Procrastination is one (in fact, my only) defect. This one is going to be a hard one to turn around. I'm sick of it, so much things I whant to do, or wanted to do but never came to be. "More fullfilling my life will be", as Yoda would say.

My sleep pattern is fucked, I dont know how but I seriously need to regulate it. Maybe a "no more than 7.5 hours of sleep" or a "never later than 23:00". This obviously doesnt cover special events (wich will need to be defined)

I had a big list of things. Most of my thinking seems to happen when I go to bed, in the 30min before I fall asleep. I need to keep a piece of paper by my bed to writte my toughts down (I actually do it, not just stay in the sheets because it's cozy)

I am not writting this down here because I whant to brag or anything, but merely as a way to put it 'out-there', in the universe; to be able to see, a first step to its realization. This plan will take effect on my 26th birthday, the 24th of December 2008.

Until then,
I wish you all luck in your project,
and may they bring you happiness.

P.S:The new update's quotation is to save me the 3sec it took me previously to go check to wich number I was, yup, still a lazy mother-fucker.