Sneaking around the "Return Ticket"
1:41 AM | Author: Tarko
Here´s what to do...
1. go to and search for your desired flight.
2. Continue with the reservation. On the ´Passenger Details´ page Fill your name, email address and other details and click ´Continue´.
4. On the ´Flight Summary´ page, at the bottom, next to the ´Purchase´ button, there is a ´HOLD´ button. Press it.
5. On the next page, there will be a confirmation number. Note this number. Don´t print yet.
6. Go to
7. Enter your Name and Confirmation Number and click ´Go´
8. Now click on ´Print Itinerary´.
This generates an itinerary complete with booking code, confimation number and seat number, etc. Looks very much like a paid-for e-ticket reciept, inspite of the disclaimer.

Taken from: Animesh (CS)
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