29/05/09 Update
3:08 AM | Author: Tarko
Howdy all?
How have been your 11 days without me? Hopefully you survived,as it would be hard for me to keep on living if I learn some dies because of my (lack of) updates!

For those not in the know; I'm still in Singapore after a month, looking for a job. The reason why I'm still in this lovely, but four-days-is-enough, city is because I need money (duh). I was expecting to get a wad of cash from my previous work done with Cornucopia(RedCross) Australia, but my most-anticipated 5K turned into smoke. Coupled to that un-settled debts by various agent; my money is low.. no, it's inexistent!

Once again: thanks CouchSurfing! Yet another angel, after Jeff and Elaine: Michelle. Without her I would have to go back to dumpsters and sleep under bridges, something I don't really fancy in Singapore. So, once again (and not for the last time):



Now, if you guys saw the pictures (you DID saw the link to pictures on the top-right corner, right?), or specifically THOSE
You might notice half of them is food-related. There is a good reason for that; if you head toward CS and browse on Singaporea's profiles, you'll notice they mention two main characteristic about their city: Food and Shopping!

Altho most meals I had were alright, if somewhat exotic, a few of them require a bit more dwelling upon:

Ice Catchang

Typical Singaporean desert, the ice catchang is a sweet that my canadian palate have a few problem with. It's relatively easy to make back home, here's the recipe:

-In a bowl, put small Jell-O cubes (In Sin: grass jelly and such)
-Add on top some Red kidney beans or any redish beans
-Add Ice-shavings until it form a decent-sized heaps. (yai! Coooold dessert!)
-Add 3 kind of different, but sweet, syrup (Try any of Couche-Tard Sloshe'ones)
-Pour condensed milk on top of it all
-And finally put a cherry on top!... NOT!! No cherries but.. CORN! Yup, put some Corn on top.

There you have it, ICE CATCHANG!
After trial and error I ask mine without the beans and corn: much better!

(The dish that looks like Chicken wings)

Those back home might remember that I don't even eat Frog's legs, but we're talking about the whole thing here, and frankly: it taste like chicken ;-)

Chicken Feet: (Same picture,lower-left dish.)
a few of you might remember my encounter with chicken feet in Australia; my feeling toward them haven't changed at all: the most disgusting piece of food (I shudder just to think of them as food) ever!

Other than that you have the usual yummy and cheap noodle dish @ pretty much all the food courts or hawker centers, which allows any local, or travelers, to eat for cheap.

I leave you for now with the guardian of Singapura, the MERLION

(and, in real life ,this thing is HUGE!)


~Adventure comes from poor planning~
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On May 29, 2009 at 4:13 PM , Grégoire said...

I want me some merlions. I hope they's good eatin'!

Alzo: Mafiosi much?. Ptête que tu devrais essayer de te faire engager par des "entrepreneurs indépendants siciliens"... ;)