18/05/09 Pre-Update
1:36 AM | Author: Tarko
Howdy all?
I promised an update within the week, here it is!

Many of you have mentioned, or at lest hinted, toward my, somewhat, restrictive 'world-tour'. many had comments on how they thought I would stagnate in Nz or Oz. After 20months, I can understand how this misconception arose. I DO think, nonetheless, that this conception of the reader is a biased one; while you are staying home, enjoying the comforting and lulling humming of daily life, I'm experiencing it through a different filter, the filter of cultural disparity. I know many of you feel left down by my lack of updates; I am the first to feel disappointed by my sporadic blogging entries, believe me. Not that I don't like writing or that there is nothing to write about, but I feel a Blog entry should be meaningful, or at least, somewhat exciting. Although the novelty for a Canadian to work in a grape orchard is something to be classed in the 'exotic' files, in the perspective of the subject, me, it boils down to only being a other job after all. Like many things in life (morality, art, etc..) it is important to draw a line; micro-updates twice per day would be a Twitter(tm) rip-off, a daily short-update falls better in a FaceBook(tm) perspective, where as a more slow and weekly(monthly?) updates falls in-line with the Blog.

What does this Wall-o-Text boils down to? I WILL try to do lengthy, weekly updates on the Blog. I WILL do daily updates on FB if I connect, meaning; if I take 3min to check my e-mails, I WILL take 45sec to update my status in FB. This decision, and engagement is fulled by different front: 1)An effort against my (legendary) procrastination. 2)Answer people's concern about my lack of updates. and finally 3)Build a followship of readers; you can see the last point as my effort to stay connected with my friends from all over the world.

The last point require a bit more of dwelling upon. Although most of you consider me a loner, I do, in fact, need a minimum of social contacts. In my travels I met many people, people who became friend, and close friend. But me being me, as I left the city, state or country they were in, contacts were lost too. i came to realize that this lost of social contact, this alienation was similar to the one I lived with my friends from home. Few conversation, few contacts; little by little, close friends become friends, and friends acquaintance, acquaintance .... This process as been mine for many years, unfortunately, but at least I know it and like the saying goes: Knowing is half the battle!

Stay tuned for a REAL update on Singapore folks!
This time, it WILL be on time ;-)

~Adventure comes from poor planning~
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